Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nationals Super D / ShortTrack

After the XC on Friday I was a little bummed. Saturday brought Super D course practice. I got in three solid runs, and was feeling really fast. So fast I thought I could have a shot at top 10. Come race time on Sunday (I went off at 9:12) I was ready to rock it. Started with a 5 minute climb, which I felt as good as you can on such a climb before a roaring descent. Overall during the run I had a few close calls, and dabbed a couple of times on some of the switchbacks, didn't turn out as smooth as I hoped but at least I didn't crash. I ended up 26 of 60 in the pro. Crazy how close all the times were in the pro race, making every corner count. Short track was later that day, and wasn't feeling super great about racing with the normal U.S. pros. Start time was at 330, I was called up in the back (no surprise there). I slipped my pedal at the start, cauesing me to get cut off, but passed a Lot of people after 2 laps and ended up 30 of 50. I just barely got pulled. Oh well. Next Chris and I are road trippin to the pro xct Missoula, never been to Montana !

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