Monday, July 16, 2012

Falling Short

The two most important races of the season. Especially the Pro XCT Missoula on Saturday. Climbing legs were negatory come the 6 pm start, and stayed that way the whole race, didn't finish last, but wasn't to far off. It may be time for me to start thinking of getting a coach for the 2013 season so I don't feel flat on the more important races of the season, and generally improve my results. Anyway, now it's time for some R and R before Subaru cup and collegiate. Enough of my complaining though! New member Mike Dickinson took the cat 4 state crit championships in Colorado, so rad! Hard to post pics when I'm on the road, so a big picture collage shall be posted of the trip/ Mikes podium when I return sometime this week, keep checkin' in !

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