Sunday, July 17, 2011

Small Nationals Report

I thought I should give a quick Nationals update! Chris and Dakota both raced the XC Thursday, finishing 13th and 7th, respectively in the cat 2 19-24. Cameron had an off race and finished 45th in the cat 1 juniors 17-18. Dakota and I both rode the gondola up to the super D this morning in search of stars and stripes! Dakota's finish is unknown, but more importantly he won the shimano speed trap having the fastest speed of 42 MPH winning the new shimano XT brakes! Which he desperately needed. I didn't get the speed trap win, but did get the stars and stripes for cat 1 men 19-29 super D! Thanks fox for teaching me how to go downhill like a man. I was the only one doing short track, and took 4th in the cat 1 19-29. All week the bike worked great, and we will be traveling through colorado this coming week, and then off to the alterra coffee bean classic!

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