Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to the WOR!

After a 24 hour road trip back home, it was time to race the alterra coffee bean classic (WORS #6). The dales were a no show, so we started with our Cat 2 sport racers Todd and Matt P.
Todd at the top of the climb, ended up finishing 4th in his class, Chris is whipping out his pro heckling skills!
Matt P. Cruising up the climb, didn't get a chance to chat after his race!
My race went O.K. The whole time I felt super lethargic (Probably had something to do with the 24 hours of driving). But overall fun course, ended up a little bit slack of mid pack. Cameron Ended up 5th in the cat 1 juniors, I'm sure feeling pretty tired just like me. And chris ended up with his best finish of the year! Finishing 3rd in his age and 32nd overall! Not to shabby Chris. A little short on the pics of them. Good job to the Nats squad hanging in there on near no sleep. Next stop Cam-Rock Wors #7!

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