Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Subaru Cup Pro XCT WORS #4

Big weekend for Team Eriksen. The whole team was there in full force, even all three colorado members. I'm gonna try to keep it short, because It could get lengthy. It started off with the arrival of fox, joel, and bodhane. We headed up friday afternoon to pre ride the course. We set up camp and headed out on a lap or two. The course was great with a good mix of technical decents, climbs, and open trail for passing. After practicing all of the bit more "sporty" lines with fox and bodhane on the course, and one blown tire later for bodhane, we were ready to race the xc the next morning.
Started off early with our cat 2 racers at 8:00 and 9:30 a.m
Picture of Todd passing somebody with his "gameface" on. 7th in age group for the xc, and no participation in the Short track or super D the day after.
Matt P. had a bit of a tough race, puking on one of the laps, but still sounded like he had an overall good time during the race weekend.
Joel straight up represented grabbing 4th out of 26 in the cat 2 25-29 XC race, and 11th overall. Short track he ended up 5th in age and 7th overall with some chain issues. and Super D 5th age, and 14th overall. Great job to him this weekend as he's shown SERIOUS improvement from the last time I've seen him, and I'm sure he will only keep improving. Good work brah.
Dakota did solid work this weekend with a 4th in the 19-24 age group and 32nd overall in the xc. He will be also making an appearance at nationals mid July.
"PAPA" Dale also had a very solid weekend. Placing 6th out of 40 in the XC 40-44 age class! Also 5th in the Short track edging out his son Dakota by just a bit, after all of Dakotas smack talk from the XC.
After Cameron upgraded to cat 1 this year the race was a bit fast paced to what he is used to. The Cat 1 field was around 100 guys all starting at once. XC consisted of a 11th in age of 14, ST was 10th of 14, 7th of 10 and 21st overall in super D.
Zach Bodhane had a bit mechanical troubles on the XC, with his chain getting looped around in all sorts of screwed up ways. After fiddling with it forever he barely missed the cut off by 1 minute. ST was a bit better 11th out of 16 in age and 28th overall.
Fox and mine will be a combined ordeal. We stayed together the majority of the XC, with fox dropping off here and there and catching back on. We finished almost sequentially, me 2nd in the 19-23 age and 15th overall out of a near 100 person field. And Fox 10th out of 40 in his stacked 24-34 age group, 17th overall. ST was O.K., slipping a pedal at the start and getting caught up in a crash in front of me. Still 9th in age and 16th overall. Fox had a great ST race taking 3rd in age and 9th overall!! Also he took 1st overall in the cat 1 male super D!!! Very nice fox.

Chris will not recieve a race report until he loses 25 pounds I've decided......

Overall great weekend guys. And shout outs to Fox, Joel, and Matt Dale for some great results. I know the rest of you can do better! Now it's time to keep up the high intensity to get ready for WORS #5, Nationals in Idaho, and perhaps a Mountain states cup!?!

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