Monday, June 13, 2011

WORS #3-Big Ring Classic

And they aren't kidding when they call it the big ring classic. Big ring the whole time except for one steep pitch during the race. Todd and I headed out day of because I had to work at my LBS. 10:30 we arrived for Todd's 11:30 race. Matt pemberton and the dales were unable to make an appearance due to prior obligations. The weather was great and the conditions would seem O.K., but I wasn't sure because I did not pre ride. Lots of relaxing and watching the other categories before my race started.
Todd Lapping through
Cameron who had come up Saturday had a 6th place finish in the Junior elite category. Sporting his new squishy Reba RL on the relatively rocky course, I'm sure he didn't miss the rigid.
My race took off at 1:30. About 75 Cat 1/pro riders tipped the line. The start was all open fire roads so it was very fast, also throw in a few climbs for good measure. I didn't get the best start but I knew things would break up on the climbs. I fell into the typical group I'd usually ride with (the veteran elite riders John shull, John lirette, Matt Millin, and a few others). Drafting was a big deal at this race so I could not get away because of the pace lines from the rolling double track. Last lap I decided to launch an attack on the group and hopefully hold it till the finish. There was one extremely fresh cut bumpy part and I knew if I'd get there first I could accomplish a successful attack. Sticking it to the finish I ended up 1st in the 19-23 age group and 26th overall. Same overall result as last race! Picture of me taking one of my much needed Honey stingers down!

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