Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ute Valley Park Pro XCT...

...Was kind of a bust (for me). I'll keep it short. After a nice rest week, we headed down to CO Springs on Friday to pre ride the course. Not much to say, fast, really short, little climbing, nothing technical. They lined the pros up by UCI points, and if you didn't have any they did it random, unfortunately I got  the short end of the stick and was in the very back row, but I wasn't devastated since there were so many places to pass on the course. Considering start position, I got a good start. Long story short, my legs were not feeling good on any of the short and punchy climbs, no excuses. I lacked the power I normally have on said climbs. I'm thinking that it's because I didn't do any openers the day before, but my legs just weren't havin' it. Ended up 40th of 62 starters, not to happy about it. 

The eliminator was on Sunday, and was pretty cool! It was the same course as the short track (start climb, decent, really steep climb, repeat, about 3 minutes). There was 8 heats, first 2 advanced. I was in a group of 3. I sat 2nd wheel until the top of the first climb, then the third guy got antsy and took the lead. I held my position in 3rd, staying calm and collective for the final STEEP CLIMB, setting myself up so I could pass the guy ahead of me and advance. On the last corner before the steep pitch, I washed out, hard. I just got to antsy on a corner that was made up of loose fine gravel. It was over at that point. After rolling through the finish line, I was extremely frustrated with myself for awhile after that mistake.  It just topped off an otherwise terrible weekend of racing. 

Joel on the other hand had a great first weekend of racing this season. He found himself in FIRST place for the Cat 2 19-29. Also, in the short track he stomped the competition (almost lapping guys) with another 1st place. Time for a Cat 1 upgrade! 

Up next is the Mountain States Cup in Crested Butte (hopefully for some redemption). Right now, training might be difficult here in Fort Collins due to an unbearable amount of smoke from the wildfires. Until next time... 

Found Todd Wells' pre race food spot

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