Monday, January 16, 2012

Tucson Trip

Early January usually marks my annual trip to Tucson, AZ with the Colorado State Cycling Team. After spending sometime back home with the family, I headed back to the Colorado on the 7th. We hauled down to Tucson at 4 am in the morning and got there around 9, and unloaded the 20+ bikes out of the trailer. The week was mainly going to be comprised of mountain biking, because I can do road biking in Fort Collins any time. So The first day was to venture some of the stuff close around of the house such as gates pass, brown mountain, starr pass, etc. Besides the occasional pricker in the leg and shoe it was a success.

Eriksen guys Matt Fox and Zach Bodhane enjoying the temperatures and sun on gates pass. Also gates pass isn't the easiest trail ever, if you're not about to crash you're not going fast enough. A lot of crashes caught on film, unfortunately not on a helmet cam that I own though.
On Tuesday we decided to climb up the Mount Lemmon trail called "la milagrosa." A lot of hike a bike was involved, but it was fun to try and climb some of the gnar. Our legs looked like mince meat because of the cacti grabbing and pulling our skin back. The descent was pretty long, somewhere in the range of an hour and a half filled with tons of drops and loose rocks, the loose rocks seemed to be to much for Fox as he merely missed a cactus.
The day was also so long we found ourselves descending in the dark. Picture of new Eriksen member Clint and Fox all smiles towards the end.
The last day we did something called the Lemmon drop in reverse. Basically stringing together certain trails on Mount Lemmon. We made it near the top but got turned around by snow. The video below is a of us at the top, but the cell phone doesn't do any justice for the views. Also, sorry about the videos not being rotated the right way, but apparently you need to pay for software to do that now.

Also a video of "The shoots." These are very eroded fast trails that have really banked turns and a few drops, they are just off the 50 year old trail.

As of now in regards to Team Eriksen, all the sponsors are setup and you can check them out in the sidebar. Kits are on order and should be here in 10-12 weeks. Training is just starting up again as late January approaches, and Team Eriksen is off to a good start. Hope you saw the kit, if not check out the twitter feed in the sidebar as it is top notch, thanks to Chris Hall's graphic design skills.

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