Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moab Trip

Over this past thanksgiving break, a few of us took a pilgrimage to Moab. Of the five I was the only one who has never been there. We headed out late Saturday morning, and loaded up the subaru outback to the brim. Going through Glenwood Springs, Matt Fox joins the party. We squeeze one more roof rack on, and continue on.
We rolled into town later, got groceries, and checked in at the hostel. First morning after a big batch of pancakes, we headed to the bottom of the porcupine trail head (by the river). We continued to climb all the way up, until we hit so much snow that we had to turn around (made it around four and a half hours up).
We turned around and continued down the epic decent of rocks, drops, and fun. Here's a video of Brady, Fox, and Clint.
Monday we woke up again with the standard pancake ritual. We headed to poison spider trail, and rode up to the top of the "portal trail". This is definitely by far one of the craziest trails I've ever done. The start of the trail has a sign that says "caution, 3 bicyclists have died on this trail." So we rode a little bit of it, but decided to hike the rest because it was really sketchy. Here's a video to show you why. The bottom part of the trail isn't as bad, just lots of gnarly drops and rocks.
After grabbing a quick bit to eat, we headed to the famous slick rock trail. This trail is different than anything I have ever done. It's literally all slick rock, and you follow a white dashed line so you don't get lost. There's lots of up and down on this trail, often you can't decide what gear will work. We were running low on daylight, so we had to pick up the pace. We ended up finishing just in time to enjoy a big spaghetti dinner at the hostel.
We left Moab early Tuesday Morning. No trip is complete with a ride in Fruita on the way back, though. Exhausted, we rode around four hours to complete our epic trip. Overall the trip was really awesome, and surprisingly had very few mechanicals between the five of us (one flat and one broken chain). I will definitely be going back there again.

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