Monday, May 9, 2011

Eriksen Cycles Debut- Front Range 60 Race Report

Will getting ready for the Marathon (60 miler) at 8:00 A.M.

Friday Afternoon the Colorado squad of Eriksen Cycles headed down to Lakewood for the front range 60, part of the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series. Camped overnight Friday night, ate some qdoba, had a blast around the campfire, etc. Saturday morning was race day. The temperature was rising quickly from 50 to 60 to 70, and eventually was well over 80. Two O'clock three of us tipped the line for the 19-29 half marathon (30 miles). They didn't have categories so all the pros, experts, and sport racers would be racing as one field. Also I think our wave was combined with the 30-39. The start there was a slight road than a small gravel climb to break the field up a bit. I had a decent start, just trying to hold on to the group of five leaders, and of course Matt Fox.
After the small gravel climb I was hanging on by a thread to the lead group. The first lap was SCORCHING hot, and the lap traffic was like any other bigger mountain bike race. I couldn't hold Foxs' wheel and the lead group of five or so slowly slipped away. Essentially the rest of the race was dedicated to chasing, but never was in sight of the leaders. I ended up seventh on the day out of a field of twenty, and 15th overall out of a field of 110. Matt Fox took fourth place, and I'm sure is looking forward to a strong racing season on Team Eriksen Cycles. I'm overall pleased with my result for the first mountain bike race of the season, as the six in front of me were all professionals except Matt.
Joel had a great first mountain bike race of the season, finishing 12th in age group, and 46th overall. An eriksen kit is on the way for him as well.
Zach Bodhane was less than satisified with his result, throwing up on the first lap, but still finishing 13th in age. Everyone has bad races, and surely he will make a solid comeback in the next race.
Matt fox trying to get around lap traffic, as it was fairly congested throughout the race. An eriksen kit is also on the way for him as well.
After my feeble attempts of chasing, I was nine minutes off the top pro leader, and a bit under 3 minutes from Fox. The bike performed flawlessly, and see that on my seatpost? Newly designed genuine innovations big air kit mounts, they are awesome!

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