Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Mountain bike fun

A good 45+ miles of foothills single track today. Getting some miles in before the race season begins. When I go back to Wisconsin I'm gonna have to get used to rolling singletrack, cause right now I'm used to just climbing and descending! 40 Hands of Drunk Cyclist provided the pictures. Do you see what he's riding? A rigid single speed, in the foothills, fricken crazy, but he pulls it off. Race reports should come in soon as well as a team picture hopefully. A lot of guys have there Eriksens (I think seven or something?). Stay tuned for more fruitful updates.
Fox never brings his own food, he had to bum a pbj from me
Nice view!
A whole month of working on my farmers tan could be jeopardized from today, in part to the easy street wheat sleeveless jersey.

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