Saturday, April 23, 2011

Epic ride material.....

After not going off racing this weekend, I had to decide what I wanted to do on the bike. I was thinking about doing the first of the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series but that idea tanked when I heard how much it was. It's not in my interest to talk about this but 80 dollars to race my bike, especially in a series that's just getting started has to high of a price tag. I feel if the price would be lower they would attract a lot more racers, like myself! So with that out of the question I decided just to do a long road ride. Not without an "epic" breakfast at a friends house first though.
Pancakes, Cinamon Buns, espresso, french press, bacon, strawberries, blackberries, epic sauce

I ran out of chaomis butter, so this was the replacement. Worked good I guess

Sporting the jacket true weekend warrior style

Top of the climb=cold, and about to get a lot worse.
At this point we were in a little trouble, we were in a little canyon but it was snowing REALLY hard, and we had to stop to try to get warm, almost on the brink of calling someone to pick us up. Luckily we kept riding and it got better, but for a second I thought I was going to loose my fingers, haha. Fox here only had on a jersey, arm warmers, a wind vest, and mountain bike gloves in 25 degree blowing snow, and sweaty after an hour climb. He was feeling the pain.

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  1. Hey BROS. These pictures don't look like conference championships at all...