Sunday, May 29, 2011

WEMS #2 Greenbush

Just a quick race report on Wisconsin Endurance Race #2. Yesterday morning cameron and I met up at greenbush around 7:00 to prepare for the 8:00 start. But no 12 hour race is complete without a monster breakfast! 4 giant pancakes, a pot of french press, yogurt, and as many calories as I could eat. I started out the Lemans start, and was first into the single track. To make a long race report short; Cameron and I switched off about every lap, and the laps were running around 50 minutes, the conditions were humid and slick with the course being pretty rocky and rough, we made very sloppy transitions between laps, and the closest team was about 10 minutes back throughout the race. Overall it was very fun and no amount of chamois butter is enough for that course to keep my bottom nice!