Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trail Pillaged

More trail was pillaged today as another 65 degree+ day fell on Fort Collins. Trying to get a lot of mountain biking in before the first WORS race May 22nd! May as well take advantage of dry trails while I can. The route today was longer....Maxwell, Lory, Towers, Horsetooth, Blue Sky, Lory, Mishad. I don't go to Horsetooth that much and let me tell you the trails are sick! Really flowy with drops, rocks, and sharp climbs, so FUN! But I know you just want to see pics here they are....
I need Barends!! I can't wait to get the Ergon GS2 grips!
Technical? But Cleared!
Deer! you don't see those everyday
Socks provided by my good friend 40 Hands From Drunk Cyclist. Thanks! I should also say that I stole the line "Trail Pillaging" from him, because if I don't he'll get mad.

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